Monday, June 16, 2008

Bohol Take 2

I'm leaving Wednesday morning for Bohol and hubby is not coming with me. Boo hoo. I'm attending the KO Marketing Team Building at this lovely resort. Most of my colleagues are extending thier stay for a few more days but I'm flying back to Manila Friday afternoon. My family and I will drive up north to cool Baguio City for some R&R. Will be back Tuesday afternoon.

My camera will be very busy!

Watch out for the story and photos!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

I've been living in Kawit, Cavite for the last 4 years and I haven't been INSIDE the Aguinaldo Shrine. In fact, last time I was there was about 20 years ago, during a field trip while in grade school. Anyway, I was stuck in traffic last Saturday so I took out my camera and snapped some photos of this historic site. Quite timely, too, since it is all prepped up for the June 12 Independence day. Too bad I wasn't able to get a good angle. By the time I was in perfect position, traffic started moving really fast and since I was driving, I had no choice but to move along. I was tempted to stop one second but the long line of drivers behind me might whack me for causing further delays. Anyway, happy INDEPENDENCE DAY!