Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vietnam-Cambodia Trip: A Downpayment

I am still putting together the complete account of our trip. I also haven't finished sorting through hundreds of photos. But it will be worth the wait. :D I'll share details, highlights, recommendations on where to go and what to do, plus tipid tips for the budget traveller. Soon!

Meanwhile, check out some photos here.

Happy viewing!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Lovin' Everyone!

We don't really celebrate Valentine's day. Each day of the week has been created by the God of Love so why should February 14 be any different?

So, tomorrow, instead of a romantic dinner for two, Ariel and I will take a road trip to Pampanga with colleague and good friend Karen, her hubby Ian, and daughter Yana. We will have a sumptuous lunch at C Italian Dining (dinner's already fully booked!), do a bit of shopping, check in at Holiday Inn Mimosa, dinner at Zapata's (hopefully!) and enjoy the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Anything special planned tomorrow? Sure. We will cuddle in bed in the morning, a few minutes before getting up. We will greet each other "good morning" with a kiss. We will exchange wedding rings with a kiss. We will hold hands and give each other lots of hugs. We will exchange "I Love You" text messages. Ariel will tuck me to bed. We will kiss each other "good night". Plus many other small "love rituals" we've been doing every day we are together since the day we got married. And on days we are apart, we still keep the love alive with the help of technology.

So go tell your spouse you love him/her tomorrow. And every single day after.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend at Abe's Farm/Nurture Spa in Pampanga

Last January 2, Ariel and I, together with some New Zealand-based friends drove to Pampanga for a relaxing weekend at Abe's Farm and Nurture Spa.

Gemma, Amie and Alfred flew home for the holidays. We picked them up at The Block in SM CIty North EDSA at around 9am and we drove to Pampanga (Angeles City exit) to have lunch at Abe's Farm. We met Grace and her mom, as well as Gay, Jun and their daughter Dani at one of the gas stations in NLEX. We then proceeded to Abe's farm where we had a table waiting reserved for a group of 11 adults (including driver and yaya).

Abe's Farm offers the same food selection as Abe's in Serendra and Bistro Remedios in Malate. We had a sumptuous meal! I took lots of photos but due to an error while transferring photos from my camera to the laptop, most of the photos were gone, except for a few survivors:

This is the gate that separates Abe's Farm and Nurture Spa. The Spa offers the same services as that in Tagaytay. Ariel and I had a 30-minute head and shoulder massage at the garden while the rest of the gang went around for some photos.

I couldn't resist taking this shot! Good thing Ariel was in the mood for some goofy shots.

The garden in the compound was well maintained. It is not as colorful as the spa in Tagaytay but the garden is just as lush, albeit with more greens than blooms.
Note to self: wear colorful outfits when out for some serious photo ops. It will make you stand out amid the lush green gardens or grey architecture.

The entrance to the main dining area where a feast of Pampanga's culinary delights awaited us.

Still can't get over my "lost" photos. The batch included our New Year shots (photo and video!) as well us our dinner at Bawai's. Sad.